Manufactured Products

ABERDEEN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED provides modular production processing, utility and living quarter solutions.

What we do?

ABERDEEN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED provide a full “design, manufacture & outfit” for modular control rooms (LER’s), office/living, galley & recreation modules.What differentiates us?

Through our sister companies we also offer;

A “build to print” for integrated PAU/skid packages such as separators, chemical injection, filtration, compressors, metering and power generation.

Langfields provide a full “design & manufacture” offering for standalone pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers and skid mounted modules.

Ross-Shire Engineering provide designed, engineering, fabricated, assembled, precision engineered and tested solutions with specific capability in electrical, instrumentation and control services. 

Beyond the client expectations of quality, safety and schedule we further differentiate by:

  • Provision of front-end manufacturing/constructability support from concept through detailed design.
  • Self-delivery model on critical path activities spanning fabrication, machining, coatings, bolt tensioning, flushing /hydro testing and associated load-out activity.
  • Manufacturing facilities situated at natural deep-water ports, close to UKCS growth regions with scale to build multiple modules upwards of 1,000te in controlled environments.
  • Investment in latest automated manufacturing processes to maximise efficiency, including CNC plate and pipe profiling, fully & semi-automated welding, blast, paint as TSA coatings applications.
  • Non-unionised site with local workforce, flexible to meet the demands of accelerated turn-around projects.

How we evolved?

ABERDEEN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED established its topside PAU/skid packages design & manufacturing capability through a combination of acquisitions (Isleburn, O.I.L. Engineering, Caledonian Petroleum Services, Forfab and latterly Langfields), our living quarter capability has developed via a similar route, firstly acquiring Rigfit, then Seven Seas before integrating into the Rigfit7Seas brand.  Further investments have been made in facilities with UK, UAE, Bahrain and skilled resource training and development programmes spanning trades through technical and leadership.