IRM, Upgrade & Certification

ABERDEEN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED provides a broad range of offshore and shipyard based services to MODU operators. Our flagship UK facility Nigg Energy Park boasts one of the biggest dry docks in Europe and our skilled workforce has travelled the world working on drilling units wherever our Clients have deployed their assets.

What we do?

We provide everything from drilling and marine crews through to a full range of IRM (inspection, repair and maintenance services along with all of the engineering, manufacturing and construction capability required for major upgrades. SPS (special periodic surveys), LOLER and DROPS (dropped objects) inspections are all core within the services we provide.   

What differentiates us?

  • We operate as an integral part of our clients business working alongside their personnel  in a spirit of partnership and alliance.
  • Our teams have been providing rig repair and maintenance services since the earliest days of the UK industry in the late 70’s.
  • We understand the time criticality of every project and the need to maximise rig up-time. We have established an enviable reputation for safe, fast delivery of client projects and on-time completion.

How we evolved?

From modest beginnings supporting rig repair and conversion works at Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth ABERDEEN OIL has continued to build on its experience and has amassed an impressive range of capabilities through a mix of organic growth and the acquisition of specialist service providers. The various Group businesses (listed below) can work independently as expert specialists or combine to provide a seamless, integrated service.

  • Provision of skilled manpower resources & training solutions via ABERDEEN OIL Resources (organic start-up), ABERDEEN OIL TCC (organic start-up now integrated into ABERDEEN OIL Resources) and ABERDEEN OIL Resource Network (formal brand now integrated into Vertech).
  • Provision of inspection, repair & maintenance solutions via Reel Group (acquisition), Vertech (acquisition), GeoOceans (acquisition), ABERDEEN OIL Services (organic start-up), Access & Coatings (organic start-up), Rigfit7Seas (two acquisitions, namely Rigfit & Seven Seas now integrated).