Survey & Engineering

ABERDEEN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED can mobilise a survey team taking detailed dimensional data through laser surveys, hand measurements, then engineer, identify improvements and provide drawings which can be manufactured and installed.

Survey & Engineering

With our own fully accredited survey academy (accreditation supported by Robert Gordon University), we develop and train our surveyors to the highest standards.

Dimensional Control

Our expertise in Dimensional Control has made it the focal point of our services. Using Leica 1200 series theodolites with point and shoot technology we capture sub-millimetre measurements, providing the highly accurate information our customers need.

Predominantly used for spool replacement and routing of new piping systems, the extremely reliable data provides precise lengths for piping as well as flange deviations and bolt hole rotations.Dimensional control can also provide setting out information, structural grillage positions and ensure correct alignment of new modules and structures. Key benefits of Dimensional Control are:

  • accurate tie point information to guarantee first time fit
  • clash free routing of new piping and structural systems
  • can be carried out whilst the plant is still live
  • prefabrication of replacement parts reducing shutdown times

Laser Scanning 

Laser scanning captures mass data quickly and is primarily used for clash checking where multiple pipe and plant systems are to be routed. Using our state-of-the-art Z+F 5006 HD Scanners, we can survey 50.5 million points, with a range of up to 80m, in less than seven minutes.

The scans can be co-ordinated and stitched together to form one 360° master Point Cloud Database that can be used alongside PDMS to provide comparison between design and as-built. It can also be integrated with AutoCAD to facilitate modelling alongside the scan information

Key benefits of laser scanning are:mass data capture:

  • can be used 24/7 as the laser is unaffected by daylight
  • automatic clash checking between modeled design against Point Cloud Database